Öjevind Lång

This is how Öjevind Lång describes himself:

   I was born in 1948. I took my bachelor's degree at Lund, with history as my main subject, and by now I have translated more than eighty books of all kinds, from children's books (which was very fun) to books about Islam, history, archeology, art etcetera.

   When I was thirteen, I once visited my sister and brother-in-law in Malmö. They lent me a book called Sagan om ringen (The Fellowship of the Ring) and told me I would like it. I started reading it on the local train to Lund and was so arrested that I did not notice when the train stopped in Lund; I did not come awake until it approached Stångby. So I got off in Stångby, got onto the train back in opposite direction, came home, and read for half the night. And I was not slow to borrow the other two volumes from my sister and brother-in-law. I have loved Tolkien's works ever since.