By Elros / Måns Björkman

Ai! Táre tarmar  yáre tauriva!
En nessa nóre,  i Minnónar,
lender nu lassi:  antaner lambe
máne norsannar,  mavari aldaiva
varnor olvaiva,  vorime Ontor,
Eru te cáre  Cementario hyermen
aina Yavanna  Alduva yénis.

Turmar tusso   ar talmaron aldo
pustante pelecco  i pelehta ornennar
nwalca quárinen  nauca Nornoiva
-- Aule atarinta,  Ardo tano --
ar Orcor úmie,  angatalaiti
Moringotto,  i Melcorohíni
oiale ohtala;  onótien ilye
ahava nossi  enga i Engwar
i lungamaiti.  Lasse ar lóte
voro nar varna  Ontonen valda.

Aldamar yára  tompe Endóre
palan earello  orontinnar pella.
Telcontalli taureva  táre ranner,
lírenta linda  i lamma erya
enga i ómar  unquion salamba
tuilesse; te  i taline auri!
Nan sóra sí ná  salque cemesse
yasse yávecolindor  yáresse tuianer.
Er sí -- enga  i aldali ulce,
i Yárea Taure,  Yárono mar --
nu Tirini Hisiéva  termare i Taure
Ornefangava núra  yasse Ontor nurtar.

Prose translation

Alas! Tall pillars of the ancient woods! Yonder the young folk, the Firstborn, travelled under the leaves: they gave language to the blessed giants, shepherds of the trees, protectors of the plants, the faithful Ents: Eru created them for the prayer of the Earth-queen, holy Yavanna in the years of the Trees.

Shields of the bush and the tree's roots, they stop the axe that hew on the trees in the cruel hands of the twisted Dwarves -- Aule [is] their father, the smith of the World -- and Orcs evil, iron-footed, of Morgoth, the children of Melcor ever warring; I have reckoned all the raging peoples except the Sickly, the heavyhanded. Leaf and flower ever are safe by the worthy Ent.

The old tree-home covered Middle-earth far and wide from the sea to beyond the mountains. The striders of the forest that day wandered, their fair song the only sound except the voices of the hollows resounding in spring; they [were] the broad days! But long now is the grass on the earth where the fruit-bearers once sprouted. Alone now -- except the wicked trees, the Old Forest, home of the Ancient -- under the Towers of Mist remains the Forest of Fangorn the deep where the Ents hide.


*onto "Ent"
Hypothetic Quenya form of Sindarin onod.
*varnor "protectors"
Plural of *varno, from BAR "to protect".
*hyermen "for the prayer"
Dative of *hyerme, the most probable correct form of the erroneous kyerme, in Erukyerme "Prayer to Eru" (UT).
*Alduva "of the Trees"
Possessive dual of alda "tree". Aldu (seen in Aldudénie, Aldúya) would refer specifically to the Two Trees of Valinor.
*yénis "in the years"
'Short locative' plural of yén "long year".
*ohtala "warring"
Present participle of *ohta- "to war", from the noun ohta "war".
*onótien "I have reckoned"
Perfect tense of not- "to reckon", plus 1st sg. pronominal ending -n "I".
*ranner "wandered"
Plural 'strong' past tense of ranya- "stray".
*cemesse "on the earth"
Lockative of cemen; for the assimilation c.f. númessier vs. númen.
*Yárono "of the Ancient"
Genitive of *Yáron "Ancient one", from yára "ancient".
Possessive of *Ornefanga, "Tree-beard", i.e. Fangorn.