The Tolkien Society Forodrim





Mellonath Daeron

Language guild

Mellonath Gléowine

Music guild

Mellonath Gobennas

Historical guild

Mellonath Dineth

Dancing guild

“Forodrim shall fairy-tale and myth shelter, preserve and create anew.”

The Forodrim Code, Middle-earth section 1

The Tolkien Society Forodrim is a non-confessional, non-political association for people who love the works of the British author and philologist J.R.R. Tolkien and fairy-tales in general. The word Forodrim is Sindarin Elvish, one of the languages invented by Tolkien for his fictitious peoples, and it means People of the North. Tolkien lived between 1892 and 1973, Forodrim was founded in 1972.

Group picture from the Gates of Summer feast