The Tolkien Society Forodrim





Mellonath Daeron

Language guild

Mellonath Gléowine

Music guild

Mellonath Gobennas

Historical guild

Mellonath Dineth

Dancing guild

“Forodrim shall with guild and gathering the well-being of its members promote.”


The Forodrim Code, Middle-earth section 2

The purpose of Forodrim is the good-and-solid fairy-tale amusement of its members. This is accomplished partly through recurring meetings, feasts and banquets, partly through the activities of the so-called guilds. A guild is an association of Forodrimites with a certain special interest, for example dancing, photography, fencing, live roleplaying, music, play-acting, literature, boardgames, riding or wine-sampling. The guilds give a very wide span to the activities of Forodrim, and as the interests of the members change new guilds can be founded and old ones suspended.