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Welcome to the 45 Years Jubilee Celebration of The Forodrim.


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General information

The Jubilee Celebrations begin on Friday evening, May 26, and end on midday Sunday, May 28.

On 25 May Forodrim will celebrate the beginning of summer at Djurgården in Stockholm. We meet just before 14:00 at the Bellman statue on Djurgården. Bring picnic, something to sit on and costume. For questions, contact Brethil or Túrin.

The Celebrations take place at Barnens Ö on Väddö, north of Stockholm. Here is a map of the jubilee area.

mallorn-9.jpgThere and back again
Public transport:
The trip starting at Stockholm Central station takes approximately 2,5 hour to barnens Ö (bus stop Barnens Ö Gård). Here you can find information about time tabels.

By car:
The adress is Assöslingan 20 (Väddö) and the drive would take about an hour starting from Stockholm Central station.

For guest from abroad we can offer a seat i a chartered bus, free of charge. The bus will leave from Vasagatan 16 (near the Central Station) at 13:00 on Friday. Please contact Beregond before the 14 May if you are interested in this offer ([email protected]).

If you follow common etiquette you will do quite well in the Forodrim. But to make the unaccustomed feel more comfortable there is a collection of advice and guidelines. The accustomed too may profit from reading it.

You are expected to wear 'middle-earthly' dress during the entire festival. Any honest effort is accepted. Since the jubilee goes on for three days, bring more than one set of clothes.
Plan your clothes and shoes to match the weather. There may be a few walks, even if you do not intend to take part in any outdoor activities.

To bring
You have to bring your own sheets and towels (we do not have any extra).
Apart from that and clothes you should not forget to bring:
mallorn-9.jpg Medicals that you need. It is far to the nearest pharmacy, and the Council's Surgeon of the Forodrim only has a limited assortment for emergencies.
mallorn-9.jpg Money. The Barbar will take Visa and Mastercard.
mallorn-9.jpg Umbrella. If the local concentration of umbrellas is sufficiently increased, there should be no rain, and if there is, you have umbrellas.
mallorn-9.jpg The Forodrim songbook Parma Lindion, if you have a copy (else you can buy one on place).

A society that wants to present an embassy to the Forodrim should inform us as long beforehand as possible. It is during the jubilee ceremonies on the Saturday that the Grand Council of the Forodrim will receive embassies. Please contact the Lord of Ceremonies ([email protected]).

Make a toast?
Our toastmaster during the banquet dinner is Poledra. If you want to make a toast or a short speach please contact her.

Smoking indoors is not allowed in any of the buildings.
You may not bring alcohol.

We will meet, talk, laugh, eat, stay up late and have a great time! You can see the program here. You will recive the program when you arrive to the jubilee.

mallorn-9.jpgWho will come?
Here is a list of registered participants.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to Earl Beregond ([email protected]).

mallorn-9.jpgPrice and registration
We are sorry to announce that we now are fully booked. If you have any questions please contact Beregond ([email protected]).

For members of a Tolkien society the attendance fee is:

Adults and children over 12 years900 SEK
Children, 4-12 years500 SEK

All prices are 25 % higher if you are not a member of a Tolkien society.

All prices will be increased by 25 % on April 1.

Small children (0-3 years) that do not require a bed och a place at the banquet table are free of charge.

The price includes lodging, all meals and beverages served with meals.
Friday: dinner
Saturday: breakfast, lunch, jubilee celebrations' banquet
Sunday: brunch

The registration is now closed.

The registration becomes valid by payment of the attendance fee to the Forodrim Treasury.
The fee may be payed wholly or in part to the account of
Tolkiensällskapet Forodrim, IBAN SE80 9500 0099 6042 0579 5091, BIC NDEASESS.
If you have to change your registration, fill out the form again, state under "Message" that it is a changed registration, and submit it.