The Tolkien Society Forodrim





Mellonath Daeron

Language guild

Mellonath Gléowine

Music guild

Mellonath Gobennas

Historical guild

Mellonath Dineth

Dancing guild


The linguistic guild of the Forodrim, Mellonath Daeron, studies Tolkien's languages and publishes extensively on the WWW.

The history of Middle-earth and the other lands of Arda is studied in the Historical guild, Mellonath Gobennas.

Music and choir-singing is the domain of the Music guild, Mellonath Gléowine.

Dances from different ages are studied and practiced in the Dancing guild, Mellonath Dineth.

Forodrim supports the Arda Society in publishing the bilingual annual Arda, a forum for Tolkien research of the highest class.

Its editor has published a guide to the Arda system of structural references to Tolkien's works on WWW, which simplifies textual references regardless of the various editions.

Lord Arawn / Åke Bertenstam, the reknowned Tolkien bibliographer, has made a chronological list of Tolkien's published writings available on the net.

At Södra Latin high school in Stockholm is found the Tolkien Society Caradhras.

The town of Uppsala is the seat of Forodrim's fief of Cerin Erain, the Royal Barrows.

Uppsala is also the home of the secretive and legendary Tolkien Society of Midgårds Fylking (in Swedish).

Gothenburg is held firmly in the benevolent grip of Mithlond, the Gothenburg Tolkien Society.

In Lund is found the lively society Caras Galadhon.

Scania, the southernmost province of Sweden, is the home of the Forodrim's good friends in Angmar, the Malmö Tolkien Society.

Norwegian Tolkienians meet in the Arthedain Tolkien society.

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, has its own local Tolkien society: Bree.

In Finland, the Tolkien society is named Suomen Tolkien-seura.
A section of this is the Swedish-speaking society Lindon.

But the largest is The Tolkien Society, based in England.